Welcome to New City Paradise, a housing society of 4,256 Kanals that has received PHATA recognition. The famous New City Wah developers constructed this exquisite property, which is located along the 330-foot GT Road adjacent to the CPEC Route, Burhan Interchange, and M-1 Motorway. Reality21 is happy to introduce New City Paradise, which offers our devoted consumers the finest price in the real estate sector on a first-come, first-served basis.

Plots near to the project, according to investors, are going for a higher price. In contrast, the price of comparable-sized plots in New City Paradise is less. In New City, 5 Marla plots are available for 18 Lacs instead of 60 Lacs in neighboring cities. We promise that if you reserve your property right now, you will make a large profit in two to three months. The corporate headquarters of New City Wah are located on the ground floor of New City Arcade.

Owners and developers of New City Paradise:

The development of the famous developers behind New City Wah is an example of their skill and foresight. Under the direction of the Chairman Chaudry Qamar Zaman and Chief Executive Chaudhry Saad Zaman, this project has accomplished key milestones. Being granted the marketing and sales partnership rights to this exceptional property is an honor for Reality21. A dedicated group of highly skilled professionals works tirelessly. They work nonstop to make sure New Paradise maintains its reputation as a model of excellence. Every aspect of the building, from planning to architecture, has been carefully built to provide top-notch facilities at a reasonable cost.

The high standard of life and accessibility of essential requirements has led to a rise in the demand for homes in society. Residents enjoy a higher quality of life thanks to sustainable features driven by contemporary technology. A thorough check and balance process is used throughout every step of construction to guarantee that top-notch standards are maintained.

New City Paradise's NOC:

We are happy to inform you that the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agencies (PHATA) have given New City a No Objection Certificate (NOC). This significant permission is reflected in the registration number DG-PHATA/W-I/PHS/61/2022, which certifies the project's adherence to PHATA's regulatory standards.

The administration and developers are putting a lot of effort into meeting all standards in order to get additional NOCs from the regulatory organizations. 4256 Kanals, or more than 20,000 Kanals, have already been approved for this housing organization.

24 hours a day, call 0304 1110011 for a free consultation.

New City Location:

Given its proximity to the CPEC Route, the Burhan Interchange, and the M-1 Motorway, New City is in a great position. A 330-foot GT Road leads to it. Due to the 250-foot-wide main road that runs through New City's settlement, getting there is easy.

The New City Google Map is very easy to understand and shows the routes from a certain area to the housing society.

If they are interested in this project, investors with inquiries about this best housing society may also get in contact with Reality21 directly. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any moment if you need help.

Availability in the New City New City is a suitable housing project because of its many accessibility features.

The New City's Entrance Describes What Paradise Is:

It could be on GT Road.

New City Wah can be reached in almost 9 minutes by automobile.

Quaid Avenue is around 23 minutes away by car, however M-1 is about 2 minutes away.

The journey to the M-2 motorway takes less than 20 minutes.

You will arrive to the Hazara Motorway in around 12 minutes.

Near the Burhan Interchange, at a distance of 0 minutes

By car, it takes more than 25 minutes to get to Jhang Bahtar Road.

It takes more than 33 minutes from Thalian Interchange.

You will arrive at the Islamabad International Airport in about 22 minutes.

Near the Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange, 14 minutes away

The distance to the Islamabad-Rawalpindi crossroads is 17 minutes.

Locations & Attractions Near Residential Plots in New City, the Paradise:

Residential plots in New City are available in a variety of sizes, including:

5 Marla

Paradise New City, 10 Marla 1 Kanal newly published Residential Plots of 3.5 Marla 3.5 Marla residential plots have been made available by NCP administration.

New City Paradise offers a variety of inexpensive payment choices as well as adaptable payment plans to meet the demands of our loyal clients. Exclusively by Reality21, there are plots for sale in New City that are now being offered at a great discount. We are certain that investors will profit greatly since these plots are quite inexpensive.

It's vital to keep in mind that nearby businesses charge three times what New City Wah does. Our dedication to price distinguishes us from the competition and ensures that consumers get exceptional value for their money. One of the key benefits of investing in New City right now is the potential for large future gains, making it a prudent and lucrative choice for knowledgeable investors.

24 hours a day, call 0304 1110011 for a free consultation.

New City Paradise's Payment Plan:

Nearby places and local landmarks in New City include:

New City Wah in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)



Wah Taxila City

Golf Course at POF Wah Cantt

Highways M-1 and M-2 in Wah Gardens

Arcade City in New

Interchange Burhan in Wah Model Town

Wah New City Master Plan Ordinance Factory Paradise UET University of Wah HITECH University Taxila Pakistan

A team of highly skilled experts with in-depth knowledge in their respective professions meticulously crafted the master design for New City. This experienced team of highly skilled architects, engineers, and town planners helped to design the concept of the New City.

20,000 Kanals of land have been set aside as New City's whole land area in order to actualize this beautiful idea. Since a preliminary development plan for 4,256 Kanals of land has already been authorized, the project is going ahead. By doing this, the project can be certain to get off to a solid start and the groundwork for a vibrant community may be laid.

Paying for Old New City Paradise:

New City Wah Commercial Plots with a New Payment Plan:

New City Wah Commercial Plots with a New Payment Plan:

In New City, 5 Marla

A total of Rs. 1,975,000 will be spent on the project.

There is a booking fee of 230,000 rupees.

Rs. 230,000 is required as confirmation payment.

Each of the 36 monthly installments is Rs. 21,500.

There would be four half-yearly balloon payments of Rs. 75,250 each, along with a payment of Rs. 220,000 necessary for the balloting procedure.

The cost of allocation is 220,000 rupees.

One Marla New City, 10

A total of Rs. 3,700,000 would be spent on this project.

A reservation fee of Rs. 443,750 is necessary.

Rs. 443,750 is required as confirmation payment.

Each of the 36 payments will cost Rs. 41,000.

Four half-yearly balloon payments of Rs. 134,125 each will be provided in addition to a ballot payment of Rs. 400,000.

Rs. 400,000 is the cost of allocation.

In New City Paradise, channel 1

The whole price is Rs. 7,000,000.

Rs. 843,750 in booking fees are necessary.

Rs. 843,750 will be required for confirmation.

Each of the 36 payments would cost Rs. 78,125 in total.

A voting payment of Rs. 550,000 and a half-yearly balloon payment of Rs. 350,000 each are both required.

A payment of Rs. 550,000 is charged for allocation.

Plan of Payment for the Residential Plots in New City Paradise, 3.5 Marla:

limited residential plots in a new city, payment schedule


Plans for New City Paradise's future include:

This civilisation has built up much of the area and is growing quickly. It is predicted that a number of key development projects in New City will be finished rapidly, including:

The Smart Design Park's mosque villas are organized in a line.

connecting roads

Plot refinements

Lighting for streets

a smart home

Tanks are positioned above Main Boulevard, and tube wells are used for operational purposes.

The site office and the marketing office

Leading Companies There will be well-known brands in New City.

newest information from New City Paradise: The residential society of New City has disclosed a revamped payment schedule that provides a choice of returns on investment in addition to large revenues.

New City Allotment Certification:

Maintain up-to-date knowledge on New City's allocation announcements. The administration of the organization sometimes issues letters or certificates of assignment for both residential and commercial premises.

Distribution of Property for New City Paradise:

Customers are provided with thorough information and current ownership restrictions for the properties in New City Wah.

New City Paradise Transfer Procedure:

The transfer operation has the following stages:

A transfer request must be accompanied by a No Demand Certificate.

provide a letter of membership that is authentic.

fax copies of your CNIC in

List your kinfolk, please.

I need pictures that are passport size.

The buyer is required to complete a membership form.

Affidavits need to be submitted by both the buyer and seller.

The provision of a buyer commitment is necessary.

There must be a general power of attorney (GPA).

Additional information on the transfer procedure may be found on the New City Paradise website.

New City Paradise ballooning:

The voting procedure for New City Paradise will be divided into many stages. You may always get in touch with the organization if you have any queries.

The New City Balloting's results

The results are available on the official website, or you may contact Reality21 for further details.

Request for New City:

You may download and submit the New City Paradise application on the official website. Because of this, you should start by talking to management.

The following documents must be included with the application form:

pictures (passport-size)

copy of a passport or CNIC

NICOP imitation

Receipt for Payment Copies

An online payment receipt

New City Membership Application Form

A membership application is accessible via Reality21 or the residential society's management. We are here to help anybody at any time.

New City Wah Registration Form:

Contact Reality21 or the resident assistance line to get a New City Paradise Registration Form.

New Paradise Development Charges:

At the New City Paradise Customer Support Center, you may learn more about development costs. It is important to keep in mind, nevertheless, that the developers have decided to include development costs in their schedule of payments.

New Paradise's facilities and amenities include:

Modern comforts and amenities are provided in New City at affordable rates. This luxurious contemporary multi-purpose structure may be regarded as a completed real estate project if the facilities are included.

24 hours a day, call 0304 1110011 for a free consultation.

Modern homes:

New City Wah has invented the concept of smart housing in order to provide the best attainable living circumstances at the most reasonable prices. This housing society thus offers cutting-edge technology-equipped smart homes and stylish villas.

Smart Economy: It will quickly transform into a regional and national economic hub. Once fully operational, society's business centers will provide a wide range of employment opportunities.

Smart Environment: Compared to other housing communities in Pakistan, it has more amenities that are close to nature. Both elegant and ecologically friendly describe this city. A large chunk of the site has been left aside by the designers and owners for natural beauty. Additionally, hydroponic crops need water.


The project will provide modern comforts in addition to a natural way of living. In Pakistan, it is difficult to locate a location that seems as natural as this one.

Resources in Aquifers

The inhabitants' water needs have been considered in the project. Reservoirs will store a sizable amount of water that locals may use for daily activities.

Business & Commerce Hub:

The builders have complied with all business and industrial regulations. The undertaking will be able to provide a thorough commercial space. These areas enable locals to meet all of their professional needs.

Safeguarded Project

Residents in a housing complex must feel safe. The security system is made up of CCTV cameras and other monitoring tools that are strategically deployed around-the-clock. The building site will be completely surrounded by a boundary wall.

Important Characteristics of New City Paradise: The following standout qualities define the New City Wah:




permanent security measures


Exercise Facility at Luminous Park

resources for water

a green neighborhood

a powerful entrance

dancing fountain

Mini-golf course, Garden of Botanics, and a cricket field

football fields

the basketball court

On a tennis court in the coastal area, there is thick grass.

assessment of the caliber

bicycle lane with four lanes

electricity, water, and fuel

There are 250 feet on Main Boulevard.

System for Waste and Sewage Disposal

G.T. Road is 330 feet wide and provides direct access to the construction of top-notch infrastructure along the CPEC Route and Economic Zone.

Why Spend Your Money In This New City Paradise?

It offers a number of reasons to invest. It is the most profitable investment choice in Wah city for those looking for a wealthy enterprise.

The advantages of investing in New City Wah include the following:


supportive of the environment

This location is excellent.

Property with a lot of space and excellent amenities

Developers with a solid reputation

the building of international infrastructure



Acquisition/Sale Guidelines for Plots:

Here are some recommendations:

Document verification:

Make sure every documentation is carefully reviewed to avoid miscommunications or misconceptions. Before buying or selling any property, you should first confirm that the developer has received an official NOC from the relevant authorities. Additionally, you should confirm that they approved the papers with their permission. The papers you provide to your customers must be as authentic as feasible in order for them to be satisfied with the service.

Economic steadiness

Please confirm that funds are in accordance with the buying plan you have set before completing any sale or purchase of the property. It will confirm that the purchase or sale of your property was completed without incident.

Property visits:

Prior to visiting the site to confirm that it satisfies the plot's requirements if you want to purchase a plot, check sure the written paperwork is valid. 

Required Booking Documents: At Reality21, we're dedicated to establishing relationships based on candor and trust. We suggest checking out the most current documentation requirements before to booking a reservation. It is always possible to reserve residential and commercial plots in additional projects including Blue World City, Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and Nova City Islamabad.

Real estate buyers in New City are required to provide the following documentation:

passport-sized photographs

International consumers may purchase copies of their next of kin's identification cards from NICOP.

Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investment is one of the most lucrative sectors out there, among many others. Due to its exceptional investment return potential, it is a very alluring investment option. You should keep in mind, however, that if you execute it well, you'll be able to make money. There are many benefits to investing in the real estate industry, so it is something to consider. As a result of these benefits, you may anticipate enjoying the following:

Economic steadiness

The real estate sector has the capacity to hold its worth as an investment throughout time. It follows that for individuals who have extra money or assets and want to keep the value of such assets at a high level, the real estate business may retain a high investment value and prevent it from deteriorating over time.

Stable Income:

A dependable income from real estate investment might be obtained quickly. A plot of land might be bought and developed, or it could be bought and rented out on a monthly or yearly basis. It's also true that the rent hasn't changed since it increases by a certain percentage every year.


A completed investment is not like a living thing that needs upkeep. The very least you can do is sometimes examine your land to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands of encroachers.

Flow of Income:

Rent is one kind of passive income that real estate investors may get from their investments. The investor either purchases an existing property or develops a vacant lot to rent out all year. This ensures a reliable stream of income all year round.

Indivisible Asset

The worth of a real estate investment firm never decreases. The value of real estate is rising every year. The value of the property may increase significantly if a sizable public or private project is started in the area where it is situated.

Arrangements for a New City:

Reality21 continually urges its appreciated customers to seek management for the most updated booking processes in order to avoid misunderstandings. We've done all we can to make the booking procedure as simple as possible for you. Simply follow the instructions indicated below to make a reservation:

Give your booking application form as much detail as you 
The applicant's CNIC should be attached in its whole.

Verify the management method to determine if there have been any modifications before sending a check for a down payment or paying an order in the name of "New City."

With management consent, cash payments are also accepted as a form of payment.

Please provide the required papers as soon as possible, together with payment and a receipt.


Benefits and Drawbacks

The following are its advantages and disadvantages:


Water is present. 24/7

always available electricity

24/7 gas availability

a calm, secure, and healthy environment

CCTV cameras for security systems and security personnel

in close proximity to important projects and places

the alarm mechanism

Solid waste management Cons

FAQs about apparent high cost

What is New City Paradise, exactly?

Answer;In Wah, Pakistan, there is a well-known housing society called New City. The inexpensive residential plots are situated in a prime location along the 330-foot GT Road, close to the CPEC Route, Burhan Interchange, and M-1 Motorway. It was built by the same people who created New City Wah.

2. Who are New City Paradise's owners and developers?

Answer; The renowned designers of New City Wah are developing New City. Chairman Chaudry Qamar Zaman is in charge of the project.

3. Has New City Paradise obtained all required authorizations?

Answer; Yes, New City has received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agencies (PHATA). The project complies with all applicable PHATA regulations, guaranteeing its legitimacy and conformance.

4. What sizes of plots are offered in New City Paradise?

Answer; Residential lots of various sizes are available, including:

5 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal 3.5 Marla (just released)

5. What standout qualities and conveniences distinguish New City Paradise?

Answer;This society offers a range of salient features and amenities, including 24/7 security, modern infrastructure, luminous park, fitness center, water resources, eco-friendly environment, commercial hub, smart housing, waterfront district, tennis court, and more. 

No-Cost Consultation

Uncharged Consultation

How can I go to Reality21?

You may phone us to get in touch. You may also visit our offices in Islamabad and Sialkot. To arrange an appointment with one of our financial advisors, just fill out the form. We are confident in our ability to provide the best real estate investment guidance.

Al-Ghaffar Mall, 2nd Floor, G-11 ISL +92 304 111 00 11, open from 9:30am to 6:30pm on weekdays and weekends.

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